Eliezer Talón

Husband, programmer and self-taught musician

Who am I?

Hi! I'm a software developer from Canary Islands, Spain. Besides programming I also play guitar and practice scuba diving.

I graduated Computer Science Engineer (Sep '09) at ULPGC. I spent a semester at ICT Prague in 2007 taking additional programming courses. I speak Spanish, English and have some notions of German.

Terminal, TextMate and Git are my preferred tools. Feel free to visit my github and StackOverflow profiles.


I develop web applications. I have worked with CakePHP as my framework of choice. I love the DRY principle and convention-over-configuration.

I also develop iOS applications. Some of my past contributions have been: LotoPhone, Cloquo, OWL and Fintonic.

I have some experience as system administrator, mostly mantaining Apache and MySQL servers and network services at the office.


Inventiaplus (June 2009 - July 2013)

Inventiaplus is a small company that offers web-based services and consultancy work. I am responsible of the system administration department and leader developer of several web and iOS projects.

e-pyme (2007 internship)

In 2002 three students at ULPGC founded Desarrollos Tecnológicos e-pyme as a spin-off project, creating web applications according to their customer's ideas. My job there involved resolving bugs of in-house applications and helping their system administrator.